Post #9 – Way Too Many Hospital Stays


I’m so bummed. I have to go back into the hospital again because I need antibiotic infusions to kill these infections. If it hadn’t been for the heartless negligence of one nurse I would have been done with the infusions, but she let my IV go bad because she cut off the fluids that kept my vein open.

(I have spent the better part of four and one-half years in hospitals since 2009 and have no desire to go back).

I reported her today. In order for a phlebotomist to find a vein, they need to use an ultrasound machine. And, the only place on my body that they can use is my left arm. Veins collapse in my right arm as soon as a needle touches them, and both my legs have blood clots.

It too two techs to the first time, and they could only find one available vein deep inside my left arm.

Had that nurse kept that vein open or at least made sure an ultrasound IV team came right away, I could have finished the IV antibiotic that worked. Instead, I was sent home on Cipro, which doesn’t work at all with these drug-resistant infections I have.

I want to cry. I see my infectious disease doc on Thursday, He is so pissed off at the staff in the hospital for putting me through this again. Most likely I will be re-admitted Friday or Saturday unless my doc can come up wit some kind of solution.

(Unfortunately due to the expense and the danger, I cannot get IV infusions at home). Please pray. I’m so sad.

My only hope is that  “This too shall pass . . . ” ;  

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