Post #134 – Hidden Places – Victimhood

waiting for my life to start

PTSD steals the soul – depression haunts me nightly.

Insomnia – even though I take a sleeping pill

I don’t sleep. It’s been going on for weeks.

No will to write; nothing to smile about.

Why do I allow people to rule my emotions?

I suffer from a disease called acceptance

An innocent comment sets off a trigger

I shut down for hours, even days

Is there a cure for PTSD?

I don’t know.

But for a traumatized  child suffering abuse throughout their lifetime

PTSD tucks itself away in corners

woman crying tears

Words, images, sounds, smells, and memories

Bullets of a loaded gun.

Fifty-three years pass by; nightmares still invade my limited times of sleep.

Faith does not wash away all the pain.

It is simply believing in what we cannot see.

Nothing more.

My thorn in the flesh I will carry to my grave.

If you suffer from PTSD, baby yourself.

No blame, no guilt, no shame.

PTSD buries in the alcoves of our minds

A place in which we have no access.

So never be hard on yourself.

We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Elie Wiesel

abuse never victim fault meme


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  1. So much of what you write resonates – what is it about the night time? It’s light a switch that turns on in my brain. It is hard to think about the future optimistically when trauma haunts.

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